Dear K1Z customer!

We are pleased to announce that k1z.com has now been merged into Tsohost, another brand operated by UK Webhosting Ltd who have looked after k1z.com clients since 2003. We are confident that consolidating our product lines will enable us to improve our service to you. This is not an acquisition since both brands are operated by the same parent company.

Existing customers: You can still reach support by emailing support@k1z.com or calling 0870 0115578. Your hosting service will not change (you can continue to renew indefinitely - we have no plans to discontinue the service) however, if you prefer to migrate to a Tsohost package, please email or call support for further information.
Prospective customers: Please visit www.tsohost.co.uk to view our current range of packages and place an order. All orders are provisioned automatically and entirely web manageable.